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in events

Be always in the know, do not miss the most interesting things,
meet and communicate with participants even before the event,
share your opinion with the organizer –
you are in the center of motion!

Arrange your event

You can easily attract many participants just
in a few clicks – it will be seen
by those 100% ready to participate.

Be in the loop

Read articles and reviews, learn opinions of professionals
and experts, study under the best and share your
expressions, find useful material
and select the ideal equipment.

In complete agreement with your interests

Events will find you themselves

Forget about searching – the smart service
will pick out events for you based on your hobbies

A unique archive of
emotions and impressions

You can view photos, videos, articles and comments
to an event after hours, months and even years –
Eventofon knows how to cherish the brightest moments

The presence effect

You will not miss the most important things
thanks to online publications by participants –
read feedback about the event anytime, anywhere

In the center of your passions

Learn more about everything you are interested in,
whether that be Alpine skis, yoga or running –
you always have access to the most
interesting and important stuff.
Why putting away for tomorrow what begins today?
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