Site rules

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Eventofon is an open service, but we want any owner of the «event telephone» to receive only interesting, useful and reliable information at first hand, to express his/her opinion in public without disturbing others and breaking Russian laws.

We, the creators of Eventofon, developed the rules that will make the site environment free of curse words and spam, repeated and worn-out information, inappropriate politic squabble and mutual disrespect.

Well, what can be done and what should not be done within Eventofon?

Purposes of using Eventofon

For participants

  • Participate in communities and receive thematic information according to your interests;
  • Select appropriate events and participate in them;
  • Communicate with participants and organizers at any stage of the event;
  • Share your impressions, stories, photos and videos, comment and rate publications of other participants;
  • Rate events and organizers;
  • Accumulate experience, gain Power and Influence to become a better participant!

For organizers

  • Arrange events in thematic communities;
  • Find partners, executors and sponsors;
  • Promote your events and attract participants;
  • Interact with participants on-the-fly at any stage of the event;
  • Create reports on the event;
  • Receive feedback from participants and make the next event even better;
  • Gain rating and accumulate experience to become a better organizer!

For experts

  • Share your experience and skills by publishing interesting and useful content in communities;
  • Gain Rating, Power and Influence to become better!

For companies

  • Create a representative branch of your company in Eventofon;
  • Publish interesting and useful content in communities on behalf of the company;
  • Arrange events in thematic communities;
  • Gain rating to promote the company and make it better!

What is prohibited in Eventofon

Publish copypasted content. Why posting content that can be read on other resources? Create your own content, enjoy the process and revel in feedback from readers.

Publish spam links and spam comments. Our site allows to publish advertisements only at special places and with the permission of the administration. You are not allowed to post advertisements in the profile or in comments.

Express yourself tersely. Indeed, funny pictures and videos are good. But there are many other sites devoted to them. People on Eventofon appreciate your opinion and originality, therefore we are for emotions and high-quality content.

Discuss politics. Our service is the space for relaxing. Do not transform it into a field of politic battles or a rostrum.

Complain about injustice of the world and publish accusations. An unpleasant situation many happen to anyone, but we do not want Eventofon to be transformed into the «book of complaints», a police or court branch. We support solving problems through more constructive and effective methods.

Deliberately ignore spelling and punctuation rules. We respect Russian and other languages, therefore we consider it inappropriate to mangle words, use smiles and pseudo-obscene language.

Insult other participants of the community, be rude and show aggression in other ways. Even if your interlocutor is wrong, do not fall back on undisguised boorishness, rudeness, breed strife and excite hostility. Eventofon is not designed for such squabbling.

Cadge and unfairly gain rating Power and Influence on the site can be gained only in a fair way. Unfair methods include the following: requests to increase power «out of friendship», for remuneration and on any similar occasions, publishing «posts of kindness», links to somebody else's content and other back-alley ways to increase reputation. You also should not raise funds via out site, there are charity foundations and other platforms for this purpose.

Procreate bots and clones. The administration will severely suppress attempts to transform Eventofon into the «world of clones and fakes».

Break rules and laws. It is prohibited to condemn and discuss rules and actions of the administrations directed at saving peace and order on Eventofon. Any rules may be changed or amended, but all initiatives should be expressed in a certain form.

If something is not allowed and one has a great wish...

What happens if you do not adhere to our recommendations? Punishment will follow. Of course, the users themselves will blame you for insignificant faults (by decreasing your Power).

In other, more severe cases we make a warning – reduce Influence to zero to make the infringer remember the site rules and realize that they should not be ignored.

In the extreme case we have to fall back on our unpopular measure, i.e. to block the user. Usually this is done to people who simply leave us no choice. We want anyone to feel comfortable on our site, to make you love it as we do. Therefore we do not tolerate unconcealed dirty tricks.

Publications that contradict the site rules will be hidden without notice.

Respect Eventofon users, behave in a fitting manner, and you will regret nothing.