You are on the site, but you can only read information. Please register to be able to use additional functions.

To start using our service, please specify additional parameters during registration: your home region and activities, i.e. the community you want to participate in. It is also possible to write your name in your native language and in Roman letters to make it possible for foreign users to read your name correctly.

After registration and confirmation of your e-mail address, you get access to all the functions.

Now you can fine-tune all your parameters in the profile.

Each user has a set of parameters, and they require development if you want to use all the capabilities of Eventofon.

Main parameters: Power, Influence

Current parameters: Energy

Accumulative parameters: Experience and Level Experience

Rating parameters: Windex, Contribution

You can get a perk for certain special or outstanding achievements.

A perk gives you advantages and sets you apart from other users. For example, perk «Pioneer» is given to a limited number of first users and also increases experience and values of main parameters.

1.2. Technical support and help

We strive to make Eventofon better, more useful and convenient for you. For this purpose, we created the tech support service available at:

Quick access to the tech support service is available via shortcut «Leave feedback» that is located at the right central area of every page of Eventofon.

We appreciate your opinion, feel free to write if you have any troubles working with Eventofon or, if you have any offers or wishes, leave feedback or vote for offers from other users.

Do not be indifferent, and together we can make the world better and more interesting.

«User instruction for Eventofon» is appendix 3 to «User Agreement»