About Eventofon (Eventophone)

Eventofon is the "event telephone" that is always with you. It is a true companion of those who live in the present, actively and brightly. It will accompany you everywhere, support you in such hobbies as sport, tourism and outdoor activities.

Moreover, Eventofon is you and thousands of participants united with common values and hobbies. It is communication. It is possibility to share emotions, receive advice, express your opinion, participate in an interesting event.

Specifically speaking, Eventofon is a platform where organizers publish events saving on promotion and search for participants, and participants can simply select an event interesting for them saving time and money. Participants and organizers can share impressions in the form of articles, photos and videos at all stages of events. Experts and companies can publish interesting and useful thematic information in communities.

Project foundations

Internet is not a substitute for communication in real life, but it can unite like-minded people and gather thousands of them together.

Eventofon is a source of latest, relevant information about things interesting for you. It is important for people with active lifestyle to learn new things fast, they simply have no time for searching for sites devoted to their favorite theme for hours.

First of all, an event is people who participate in it. Neither beautiful posters, nor massive advertisement company can make it rich, bright and unforgettable. The aim of Eventofon is to bring any event to a whole new level due to participation of positive, committed, open, many-sided individuals – users of the "event telephone".

This platform is a place where interesting meetings and events find you themselves. We strive to make this service a part of your lifestyle inspiring you for new discoveries and connections.

Eventofon is your adventure center!

Eventophone answers you questions

Q: Why I didn't visit the event that I heard about yesterday? Is there a service notifying about events on various themes?

A: Here you can find the most interesting events that are happening now, happened yesterday or will help in the future. I notify each participant in accordance with his own interests. You won't miss a single impressive event, and if you fail to attend it for any reason, I will deliver expressions and feedback of participants to you in the online mode.

Q: It is really hard to gather like-minded people in social networks to go for a vacation together, for example. How I can quickly get into touch with tens of people who share the same interests with me?

A: You can arrange your own event, and potential participants will know about it right away. You can communicate with them or invite your friends to participate in the event.

Q: I go in for many kinds of sports, and I also love backpacking and play pool on weekends. How many accounts do I need to learn more about my hobbies and communicate with friends?

A: Only one account on Eventofon.com. You can log in using your favorite social network. This account allows you to join all the interesting communities, receive new information and communicate with participants, share your opinion and discuss past events.

Q: I manufacture and sell equipment for sport and outdoor activities. Can I make myself known on one single platform where amateurs and professionals can learn about my company and rate it?

A: Post an interesting article, review or arrange an event on Eventofon.com – acquire admirers, receive feedback, increase rating and improve yourself together with buyers. You no longer have to create many pages in various social networks, purchase advertisement and wait for demand. Your buyers look for you, find them. On Eventofon.

Q: We are an event company focused on sports and touristic events, we arrange camping and conduct training. We have many ideas and we are ready to arrange even more interesting events. How to attract high-quality audience and partners?

A: The site unites thousands of committed and involved people. By creating interesting events and increasing your rating, you may rest assured that you will attract many participants, be able to improve your service due to their feedback and find companies that want and can promote prosperity of your business.